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Who I am

Hi, I'm Alexandra (aka Alex)! I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist located in Falls Church, VA. My practice is formulated on a holistic self-care approach to overall wellness. I believe that every aspect of a person - body, mind, and spirit can benefit from receiving massage therapy. My approach in every session is to treat each individual according to their specific needs leaving you feeling rejuvenated, restored, and balanced.

What I do

I tailor your session to your specific needs. I meet those needs by integrating various modalities of massage and facilitated stretching. If you have sport injuries (hamstring strain, rotator cuff tear, tennis/golf elbow, shin splints, plantar fasciitis), I can help. I also specialize in improving range of motion and overall flexibility with ongoing health conditions, such as back pain and general body pain.


Swedish Massage 

Wellness and Relaxation 

Deep Tissue Massage

Therapeutic Release

Included with any massage!


Essential Oils

Hot Stones

Hot Towels

Trigger Point Therapy

Targeted Muscle Relief


For Mom to Be

Upper Back Massage
Sports Massage

Pre and Post-Event Care

Massage Therapy
Current Special

Check back soon!

Benefits of Massage

Regular massage therapy offers a plethora of advantages for your physical and mental well-being. Consistent sessions result in reduced muscle tension, improved blood circulation, and increased flexibility. Additionally, massage therapy provides relaxation, stress reduction, and better sleep quality. Incorporating regular massages into your wellness routine can help you achieve lasting benefits, ensuring you feel your best both physically and mentally.

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